General and Cosmetic Dentistry


It is our pleasure to help you achieve that smile to match 

the sparkle and smile in your eyes.  

It starts with a comprehensive exam which includes a full set of xrays, cancer screening, periodontal (gums) evaluation, identification of decay, 

and evaluation of prior dental work. 

My approach for your care is comprehensive, conservative,  and if indicated, specialist coordinated to meet your unique needs. 

If you have an emergency, we are happy to help you resolve 

your immediate problem or concern.  

Same day emergency appointments are available.  



A healthy smile is a beautiful smile!  

Preventative care is the key to your healthy smile. 


Cleanings      Deep Cleaning

Oral Cancer Screening

White/Tooth Colored Fillings   


Teeth Whitening/Bleaching      


Crowns      Bridges     Veneers

Partials      Dentures      Onlays /Inlays 

Sealants        Snore Appliance

Night Guard/Occlusal Guard 

Custom Athletic/Sports Mouth Guard

Diabetes Oral  Health Wellness Check

PreNatal Oral Health Wellness Check

Providing a full line of fresh breath products.

Bleaching/Whitening treatment options available to meet your needs.

Same day emergency dental appointments. Most dental insurance accepted.

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